Grooming makes the big difference to enter in hospitality Industry  


Photographs and reassess estimate the property value before gaining it. Likewise, preparing oneself to sell is challenging and the overall appearance determines the success to sell a candidate in a potential market.  Grooming is keeping oneself neat, clean and putting on the set of spanking new clothes every day. Proper grooming creates and spreads out the positive sense within the hospitality industry. One of the major factors is that you have to be neat and clean and wearing the appropriate attires those appeals to individuals eyes. Since hospitality industry refers to the cultivation, it not only shows the behavior attitude and manner of individuals but also  reflects the family background. Personal hygiene, attitude, behavior and manners make ones personality.  Personality of a candidate does not work alone, personality and grooming together make the candidate competitive.

With globalization and a highly competitive business environment, academic success, experience and technical skill does not alone bring the achievements in your life. Self confidence, attitude, competence, trustworthiness and self image give you the extra frame to get the accomplishments. And to develop self confidence and image grooming plays a vital role.

“First impression is the last impression”. Impression that we make first time  will be for forever. It is very essential that we have to have confidence, positive feeling, warm smile and proper dress up. Positive attitude may change the destiny and it assists to step up the ladder to enter in the hospitality industry.

According to a research an interviewer makes 60% of his/her mind in 30 seconds whether to take someone as an employee or not within the first glance and remaining 40% of chances to take him/her as an employee or not  depend upon the candidate’s skill, knowledge, and experience. So  exceptional grooming demarcates a high success rate to enter the hospitality industry. The hospitality field  belongs to the active people and grooming makes the people energized and fresh and only vigorous people can provide the quality service to the guests.

There are a few things that one should keep in his/her mind before moving into the hospitality industry. Hair is the most noticeable thing when  people meet you for the first time. Hair should be maintained and groomed according to the nature of the job. Nails should be clean and trimmed well. It shows that you pay attention to details. It does not matter whether you are white, dark or pale, its matters if you care for your skin or not. Skin should me moisturized and clean. Hair around the face and in between  eyebrows and underarm should be removed. It has a marvelous affirmative effect on  people. Moreover, it helps people  remember you longer. Likewise, solid color like black, white, and grey  is the most preferred among the people who work in the hospitality sector. Excessive make-up may not appear well and it gives the wrong impression to  people. Natural color is preferred in the hospitality sector. Accessories should be well selected. Only few types of jewellery are allowed to be worn such as engagement rings, ear rings, and mangalsutra.


Men should shave daily but if they want they can keep trimmed moustache. Very light deodorant should be worn. Neither visible tattoos and bracelets nor punk style accessories are permitted to be worn in the hospitality industry. Ladies should wear flat shoes and should tie their hair with hair net. To arrive early is another important factor for grooming. Being on time allowing you to catch your breath and relax for a while.

Even though the above mentioned points are the basic elements of grooming, there are some intangible things which will be seen directly with visible grooming. Flow of speech, body language, eye contact, and concentration, hearing power and the way one responds are the key elements of invisible grooming. The people may judge you with these aspects as well.

Companies and organizations in the field of hospitality expect that their employees will demonstrate their understanding on “how to keep our personal appearance always neat and clean“. This demonstration shall improve their self-confidence as employees as well as their concerns on personal cleanliness and hygiene, especially for food handlers.

Umesh Bhatta is a Manager at Third Eye Restaurant and Yin Yang Restaurant, Thamel. He can be reachable at [email protected] )


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